Living the Dream!

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Justin Stirrett aka Whipperj is one of the most unheard of accomplished all-around climbers. He is famed for his ground-breaking achievements in boulder, traditional free climbing, in the competitive arena, mixed & ice climbing, and his bold alpine ascents.

Justin blasted to public attention with his bouldering prowess. First in Canada and then in the U.S. PCA tour days. After stepping back from competition climbing for the past 18 years he has focused on route setting and coach the next generation competition climbers.

Looking beyond the competition circuit, Whipper’s quest for adventure has taken him around the world. Amid the towering peaks of Pakistan he has made an impressive list of supper-fast all-free ascents of many pervious unclimbed routes. Pakistan has become his play ground and his home. Choosing to spend as much of his climbing life there as he can. In his birth place of Canada he has sent many hard traditional and spot routes in Squamish and a huge list of mixed and ice routes in the Canadian Rockies. But, always feeling more at home in the alpine he has spent his years in Canada quietly sending and working hard alpine climbs that may never be recorded. On the revered Black Canyon walls of Colorado he has slowly left many unclaimed lines from past generations as a testament to the next in reverence to some of his mentors like Jimmy Newberry.

Known throughout the world for his exceptional talent, Whipperj is also recognized of his sense of humor and friendly demeanor and his love for the climbing community. Known for stepping out of the limelight but always being an inspiration to all he meets.